ESGS Indie Arena Booth Applications is now open!
Date: October 27-29, 2017
Address: SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia, Pasay, Metro Manila, Philippines
Apply Now
What's your game's name? *

If the game is unreleased or experimental, a work-in-progress would be alright.
Can we get a description of your game? *

What is your targeted platform for your game, {{answer_e9pp6SeYozpK}}? *

Are you a Filipino Developer? *

Don't worry, we don't discriminate. If you are a Filipino-run studio or developer, we will endorse your game,{{answer_e9pp6SeYozpK}}, to the annual Philippine Game Awards.
Do you have a link to trailer for {{answer_e9pp6SeYozpK}}? *

We won't share the unlisted videos without your permission.
Hi creators of {{answer_e9pp6SeYozpK}}! Where can we get your game? *

Send a download link to the Mobile Store (Apple or Google Play), Online Link (Steam,, Dropbox), or a video of the demo if it's developed with Virtual/Augmented Reality.
How did you hear about the ESGS Indie Arena? *

Will you have a representative for all 3 days? *

Preparation for the exhibit (ingress) is a day before, but we generally require participants to have representatives for all 3 days. Each studio will get a maximum of 2 exhibitor passes for all days.

Who is the best person to contact about the game and your participation in the event? *

What's the best number to reach you? *

Will you be staying for the afterparty?

It will be a ton of fun!

Do you have any comments or suggestions for the event?

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